staying in the room

I wanted another cup of tea, but I kept hearing Ron Carlson‘s voice: The writer is the person who stays in the room.

So I kept staying and kept writing. Out of the corner of my eye, out the window to my right, I could see what I assumed was lots of squirrel action. I finished my sentence and looked up. Foxes! Three of them.

By the time I got my camera out of my desk and turned on, two of them had run off. This last little fox didn’t know where his friends had gone, but he set off after them anyway.

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4 thoughts on “staying in the room

  1. Cynthia,

    This reminds me of Bill Roorbach’s loophole: birdwatching and gardening count as writing during his keyboard time. And in your case, fox watching and photography! It is rare to see a fox. I’ve seen lots of coyotes but only one fox that I recall.



  2. Perhaps you should invest in a little hot pot like the ones we used to have in college dorm rooms. I’d need a small kitchen.
    But, it’s the box of chocolates that Bob brought from Switzerland that is keeping me going on my thesis.


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