back in vermont again

It’s difficult to believe it’s been six months, but here I am again and this time, no snow on the ground. Green grass, blue skies, and flowers blooming. 60 degrees right now with a projected high of 66.

I arrived Monday afternoon and we started right in with a lecture by David Jauss on how to know when you’re done with a piece of writing. Connie May Fowler, a new faculty member, read Monday evening from her new novel, How Clarissa Burden Learned To Fly. She read a scene that included the point of view of a fly. And yesterday a fascinating lecture by Doug Glover on symbols and image patterns–more on that later.

In fact, more on everything later. Off to another lecture…

6 thoughts on “back in vermont again

  1. A high of 66 is unimaginable for me. We are battling 116 degrees here in the high desert, nothing new, really. Good thing for modern technology & a/c.

    Enjoy your classes, wish I could attend them with you!! Most of my research & writing these days happens in between potty training my 3 yr old and choreographing dinner!


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