some saturday morning fun

A one-year subscription to Quick Fiction is $13.50.

with new pages!

#1: What’s in it for me?

#2: What’s happening?

#3: What’s in a cover?

A one-year subscription to Conjunctions is $18.00.

I’ve subscribed to One Story since 2004. Plus, I try to subscribe to 3-4 other literary journals. And I mix it up from year to year.

If we don’t subscribe to the journals where we want to see our writing, who will?

For lunch today or tomorrow, make a pb&j and spend your $ on a subscription to the journal of your choice.

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6 thoughts on “some saturday morning fun

  1. i just subscribed to “one story” as well — and i’m going to ask for gift subscriptions this year as birthday gifts. any recommendations? where would you start for a year of lit journal reading?


    • Marta, sorry to be so behind in responding to your comment. At the moment I have a subscription to the Paris Review, which is a nice complement to One Story. In addition to essays and poetry (and fiction), they have some very good interviews. Quick Fiction is adorable and fun if you like shorts. I’ve been very impressed with The Georgia Review and Agni lately. If you can get to a Barnes and Noble or a library, you can look through a stack in thirty minutes and get some ideas. New Letters is also good. And Gargoyle. I know I’m forgetting some good ones…A Public Space… McSweeneys is wild and crazy. **If I overload myself, it becomes something else on my “to do” list, so I try to stick to 2 or 3 at a time. Have fun!


  2. I wish my library had some lit mags. The New Yorker is all they carry. Once I subscribed to a lit magazine without having ever read a single copy, and it turned out not to be one I would submit to, although I did like the magazine.

    I’m thankful for those which publish online so you get a feel for them before you make the investment.


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