I’ve always wanted to like yoga. I tried Pilates–for two years. I wanted to be more connected to my body. Surely this would make me a better writer.

Today I’m going to CORE, a studio in the recently renovated and very cool White Provisions Building in Westside Atlanta. Outside its large rectangular windows, trains pass slowly. This will be the last 4 hours of a 24-hour pre-training course in the gyrotonic expansion system.

I stumbled onto gyrotonics by accident. Every January I try to visit a spa. In 2009, instead of choosing what I wanted to do while I was there, I asked the two women at the desk the name of the best trainer. Paul, they both said. I showed up the next morning, and Paul began talking as we walked past the machines and the free weights.

As I wrote in The View From Here, gyrotonics

makes sense to me. Most of the movements are circular and three-dimensional—like life. As founder Juliu Horvath said, “You will…find the unexplored parts of the body.” And I have, starting with my abs. Naturally it’s not for everyone, but I clicked with it. In late April, I discovered that the “wave” was a larger movement than I had understood. I was really supposed to roll far more and involve more of my body.
“Oh,” I said, “I’ve been doing it wrong all this time.”
“No,” Kayley said, “you’ve been doing it right. This is just a different level of right.”

The week before Thanksgiving, I had an appointment in Atlanta with a visiting Master Trainer. Bradley is tall and lean, and was wearing frayed gray sweatpants and a fitted t-shirt. He had been reading Truman Capote and, as I was arching and curling, he was talking about the long sentences in “The Thanksgiving Visitor.” Then I swear this is what he said to me:

“I think you like doing the movements in gyrotonics because each movement seems to hold a story within it.”

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5 thoughts on “core

  1. First, I went to the gyrotonic link and discovered the answer to all my exercise woes. I totally want that. It looks fun and effective. Right now my exercise consists of sitting on an exercise bike and immersing myself in a book. That’s all fine and good, but I pay no attention to what I’m doing and realize I’ve been peddling at a snail’s pace and putting out no effort at all.

    Second, I love this “you’ve been doing it right. This is just a different level of right.”
    I want to borrow that quote and repeat it to myself in every aspect of my life, parenting, relationships, writing.

    Also, good article from The View From Here. I even looked around the site and read a few other stories, as well. I realized I spent my exercise time reading stories and now I don’t have time for it. Dang.


    • Tricia, so glad you enjoyed this post. Every time I do a gyrotonic workout I discover parts of my body that feel as if they’ve never been used before. It is just amazing. I wish there was a place I could do a workout closer to home. Did you check to see if it’s offered near you?

      Thanks for visiting The View From Here. They do some really great interviews too.


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