the birthday of an author

Today is the birthday of an author of a book–Robin Black. Her last birthday she was not the author of a book. Just like that it can happen.

And get your pencils out. You need to write this one down too: If I loved you, I would tell you this. Each of the 10 stories in Robin’s debut collection is so good that I could not choose a favorite. I tried. Then I thought, I could do a post a day for 10 days, one on each of the stories : )

I gave a copy of the book to my daughter and she read it in 24 hours. I gave a copy to my sister and she wrote to say the stories were so good she was only allowing herself one a day–to make them last.

I was at the grocery story last Friday, waiting in line and thumbing through People Magazine. And there it was. I said to Monica, my favorite cashier: look, this is my friend’s book. It’s in People Magazine.

Happy Birthday, Robin the author!

~more tomorrow on the stories in If I loved you, I would tell you this…

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10 thoughts on “the birthday of an author

  1. Happy birthday to Robin! This book just arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I can’t wait to start reading it. Short stories will be perfect for my schedule the next few days, so I guess I’ll be doing what your sister did and savor each story slowly.


    • Margosita, welcome to Catching Days. You know, I was so excited to see Robin’s book that I didn’t look anywhere else. So glad you called my attention to Aryn’s stories. I have added her collection to my list. Hope you’ll be back.


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