four women and a sheep

the Sirenland sheep

One of the great things about writing workshops is meeting other writers. At Sirenland this year, I met four other writers with blogs, which makes them easy to introduce to you. Meet Aaryn, Sariah, Jude, and Renee:

Aaryn Belfer at thematically fickle

Sariah Choucair-Joseph at Yell Softly

Jude Polotan at Oink and Away

Renee Thompson at Bird in Hand

Drop by when you have a minute to read what they’re writing.

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12 thoughts on “four women and a sheep

    • You would love Sirenland, and it would be wonderful to meet you. Then there’s Italy, and pasta, and all those steps and all that writing inspiration floating around…


  1. I have to say, when I read your post title, I couldn’t imagine what you had written about! 🙂

    I enjoyed visiting your friends’ blogs. I agree with Tricia, if I go to a workshop, why not make it one in a fabulous place?


    • Linda, ha! I had other titles and more words but that sheep (although it’s been suggested it’s a goat?) just kept insisting his way into this post and I thought, let’s just keep this simple…


  2. I like those blogs! And I especially love Positano. All of the adventures–that climb!–were such fun to read about, and the pictures entrancing. You may picture me officially green.


    • Lauren, thanks for visiting my friends! I love that climb–and the reward at the end. It’s my favorite thing to do in Positano. Cal and I did it four of the six days we were there.


  3. Cindy, thanks for the shout-out. I am in the midst of a website re-design; when it’s complete, I’m hoping it will look like a website, but function like a blog, and when ***that*** happens — mid-May is the target date — I would love to add Catching Days as a link. I’ll keep you posted.

    Meanwhile, good luck with those packets…blerg!


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