My husband said, “But why do you need the iPad?”

“I don’t,” I said.

But I love it. It’s so cool.

The Tent by Margaret Atwood

It will replace the Kindle for me, I think. For one reason, the background is lit. So I don’t need a light. The pages turn with a swipe, as in real book. It uses color. It’s just more fun than a Kindle.

I didn’t really find much available from iBook. So I downloaded the Kindle App for iPad. It’s free and it immediately put copies of the books I’d already bought for the Kindle on my iPad. Each of the three–Kindle, iPad, iPhone–sync automatically from the last page I read on whichever one I read it on.

It’ also s a book-size iTouch and so easy to use.

Word is not available on the iPad, so I opened an email, wrote a page for the story I’m working on, mailed it to myself, and then when I was back at my computer, copied and pasted into Word. There’s also an App I’ve yet to investigate but which comes highly recommended that supposedly will allow access from the iPad to anything on your computer–Desktop Connect.

If you have any questions about my iWorld, ask away.

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20 thoughts on “iWorld

  1. How does it get any better than this? Thanks for your insider comparison of the iPad to the Kindle, Cynthia. I know that question will come up now for a lot of people. I’m all for Apple and how the iPad and iPhone sync. Truly amazing what we can do with technologies now, isn’t it? Whoo-hoo!


    • I don’t know how it can get any better, Debra. The iPad is so much fun. By the way, iBooks came loaded with A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh, including original color drawings by Ernest H. Shepard. I am loving revisiting this classic on my shiny new iPad.


  2. By the time I get around to catching up to technology, it will be somewhere else. The good news is by that time ipad will yesterday’s news and affordable, which for me means a dollar.


  3. I admire your enthusiasm Cynthia, but I have no desire to buy an iPad. (Don’t tell your hubby.) I love my MacBook Air because of a thing (app?) called Cloud. One of my sons installed it and set it up for me. I can work on a doc on my PC, and the changes poof! appear on my Mac.

    What I don’t like is that I don’t understand any of it. And I need my grown children to do installations and maintenance for me. I miss simplicity. But I hope you enjoy.


    • Darrelyn, I love the MacBook Air. It’s so thin and lightweight. Very cool as well. I’m impressed that you don’t mind going back and forth from a pc to a mac. And the Cloud thing sounds amazing. I haven’t heard of it but will investigate.


  4. Hey, congrats! They’re definitely sexy. As much as I love my computer I can’t imagine spending any larger portion of my day staring at a screen (I am actually contemplating starting to draft my blog entries in longhand!), so I wouldn’t use it as a reader. But an iPad is super-tempting for the apps – the maps function when I’m traveling, etc. They are very cool.


    • Emily, I still prefer reading real paper and ink books, so electronic reading is not something I spend a lot of time doing. What the iPad has over the iPhone is size, which makes it more pleasant to use. And then, of course, what the iPhone has over the iPad is size, giving it increased portability. It’s nice to know that whatever ends up in my hands I can read if I have a minute or two : )


  5. I am w/ Tricia!! And to answer Debra’s Q of how does it get any better i would just about guarantee that Mr Jobs and his crew already know how and when it will!! You will be buying the upgrade in 18 months I project.


  6. When my son was two, he wanted everything. We used to ask, “I know you want it, but do you really need it?” He then started all requests: “I want-it-I-need-it.” I am getting vicarious joy seeing your iPad on display.

    My question: do your eyes get more tired reading the iPad than the Kindle? That was the argument for the Kindle’s digital ink ball display.


    • Sarah, I often think I’m acting like a two-year-old as I dash to the store for the latest thing. Ha! I tell myself it goes with the writing-blogging-internet world I live and work in.

      Since I still prefer, and do most of my reading in, real books, I’m not sure about the eye thing. But the iPad screen does seem very similar to, if not identical with, a computer screen.


  7. I want one, too! The info in your post was very helpful, except that now the waiting for one will be harder . . .

    My iPod, which I love, is going to have to suffice for the time being. But one of these days I’m getting an iPad!


    • Shameless Agitator, I just clicked on the Apple link you left in your comment, and Pages for iPad is completely awesome. I’ve already downloaded the app–it’s only $9.99. I was afraid it would be much more. Thanks so much for the link and for leaving a comment. And for adding a link to Catching Days on your cool blog. I hope you’ll be back!


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