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Here’s where I am right now, sitting in the chair behind my green computer, on Blue Mountain Beach, in Florida, for spring break.

I have a list of things I want to post about. It’s on that table somewhere, on a large green post-it note. It ends with number six, but I used number 5 twice. There’s no order to it except that in which they came to me.

staring at the ocean

Unfortunately I still don’t feel well. In just a minute, I’m calling my doctor. Enough is enough.

So without my usual energy, I was having a hard time choosing what to write about when I thought start with the moment, which was not even on my list.

More tomorrow…

12 thoughts on “starting with the moment

  1. Whatever this bug is, it’s persistent. I was on the tale-end when we arrived in Rome, and still didn’t feel great when we were touring the Vatican. Also explains (I think) why I bailed halfway up that walk to lunch in Positano. My lungs simply gave out.

    Good news is, you will get better. Know it doesn’t feel like it today, but the healing does come. Breathe in that salt air like you’d gargle with salt water; salt is the miracle cure (unless you’re eating it, which is another story altogether).


  2. It took me days, but what I feel really saved me was the doctor’s visit and a prescription of Cipro. Then I had to really rest. After a week, I was slowly better. I do think we caught, not a virus, but some kind of amoeba. Get Cipro!


  3. Renee, Claire, and Sarah–I spent the afternoon at the doctor’s and am proud to announce I got some drugs! Just knowing I’m moving in the right direction has lifted my mood. Sorry to be so whiney lately. Now I’m headed to the sofa with a book. And tomorrow we can move on to another topic : )


  4. I’m so happy you posted A Day in the Life of Robin Black because I am loving her short story collection.

    Glad you visited a doctor. Hope you feel better soon.


  5. Oh, the tone in this post doesn’t sound like you at all. You sound really under the weather. I’m glad you went to the doctor. You probably picked something up traveling. I hope you feel better soon!


  6. Darrelyn, so glad you love Robin’s stories. I had read about half of them before the book came out and thought I would just read the ones I hadn’t read yet. But a couple of days ago, when I picked the book up, I started at the beginning! The stories are even better the second time around. And I loved your tweet about reading this book–it’s still showing up on my sidebar>>>


  7. Kim and Barb, some time in the night I woke up and thought, I’m better. And I am, finally. Today my skin does not feel weird and my body no longer aches. Yay!

    Cristina, I enjoyed your new post about concentrating on this moment. When I was trying to write this post, I felt as if I were drowning and just concentrating on the moment seemed to put everything in its right place.


  8. I’ve been a bit out of it myself lately, Cynthia, or I would have checked in sooner. That trip sounds so wonderful, well, up to the last day or so. And that plane ride home. Yeech! At least you are beginning to feel better now. That’s great news. And you are writing again. (I l0ve the review.) Congratulations.

    And welcome home.


  9. Yes, Lauren, I feel so much better. Hallelujah. Thanks for reading the review too. Also I’ve finished a new story that is out looking for a home. And I’m working on what I thought was another story but I just keep opening doors and finding more…


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