from the jersey shore

It’s true. I’m somewhere else. When I was home on Thursday for about fifteen hours, my husband said,”Glad you could stop by.”

I didn’t plan to go on two trips in one week. It’s just that one was already planned when the opportunity for a weekend workshop with Robin Black arose.

So I’m in Avalon, New Jersey, with Robin and five others. We each submitted a 25-page manuscript, and we’ve all read them. But instead of taking an hour for each story as is the norm, last night Robin discussed beginnings, using examples from our stories. This morning, point of view. Later tonight, endings.

It’s a powerful way to study the craft of writing–what third person might do for this story or the present tense for that one. Instead of  taking a story as a whole, breaking it down into its components.

I’m behind in answering comments, but I wanted to let you know where I was. Looking forward to catching up with all of you next week.

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6 thoughts on “from the jersey shore

  1. Sarah, I had never seen snow at the beach or on sand before. It was so disorienting.

    This method of doing a workshop demands a lot of the writer/teacher, but it makes the time more about learning how to write well (all the choices that are available) rather than focusing on one manuscript. Much less wasted discussion time.


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