from santa fe

Silver Moon is the name of the 19-foot Airstream Bambi trailer where I’m staying at a writing/spa retreat in the hills above Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ten Thousand Waves is the name of this Japanese-style spa where they leave a chocolate fortune-telling Buddha on your bed, and the refrigerator is stocked with homemade granola, filtered water, coffee beans, and rice milk.

Complimentary wi-fi and no cell phone service. Writing, reading, hiking, soaking, massaging. Everything I need in the tiniest, coziest amount of space:




25 thoughts on “from santa fe

  1. Santa Fe is an amazing place. We stayed in Abiqui last summer and visited the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe. The air is what I will always remember. Enjoy.


    • One day instead of a hike in the woods, we walked around downtown. Saw the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, but did not go in. Yes, clean, fresh air, plus the smell of railroad ties. Thanks for your comment, dkzody.


  2. I’ve had a massage there and jumped into an ice cold pool. Sister-in-law has a house down the road in Tesuque. It’s a great place. Enjoy!


  3. That looks wonderful!

    I’m actually thinking of offering something similar to writers and artists in a few years (I have 40 acres of land near several lakes in the Boreal forest). Would love to hear more of your thoughts on your retreat.

    Happy writing!


  4. Yes, I too am envious! I hope to be able to delve so deeply in my writing at some point in my life. I tend to forget that there are other moments, I get so caught up in the mommy life. You have done this, I know, and it’s inspiring for me to see what can lie beyond it.


    • Jennifer, it’s true. I could not have put so much time into my writing before now, but I also did not have as much to write about before now.

      I remember those days when they could not go outside without me, and now are the days when they go outside and drive off without me. : )


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