15 thoughts on “over the weekend at sea island

    • Darrelyn, I had never seen the beach like this before. It was like that blanket of stars that’s always there but you can only see when you get away from the bright lights of the city.

      Oh, and WAY TO GO, SAINTS!!!


  1. Oh, how lovely! Now, you have me longing for a day at the beach. Impossible for now, but you’ve inspired me to get out of this house tomorrow for a walk. I will surely see something beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing, Cynthia.


    • Linda, here’s what’s so great about comments. After I replied to Darrelyn, I went to cook supper, wondering as I did what it was I had to get away from in order to see all that I saw on the beach (as I have to get away from the bright lights to see all the stars). When I started replying to you, I was writing that before this post, I was feeling word-heavy.

      It was all the bright words I needed a little break from–in order to see. So yes, great idea to get out of the house tomorrow : )


  2. Gorgeous! The first thing I thought of was Gift from the Sea too. The iPhone takes surprisingly nice photos.

    I walked on the beach last weekend, but all I found was one sand dollar. It was too cold to walk far.


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