At 10:15, this day appears to be another one of those where I feel like my right arm is going in one direction and my left in completely the opposite, the same with my legs, and my head just might explode. I want to do so many things ALL AT ONE TIME.

Each thing I do leads me not to an end but to a new beginning. Case in point: I post a comment and the reply comes with a question. I want to make a post but it turns out I really want to make four: on the frozen state of Columbus, Georgia; on the pictures I took in Vermont; on what I did in Vermont; and on how to read a story like a writer–how to take it apart.

So often on days like this, I end up frozen and accomplish nothing.

I remind myself, one thing at a time, one step at a time:

There’s something about the sound of water–the ocean, rain, the trickle of a fountain. We don’t live on the water, but a few years ago, we splurged on a fountain for the front yard. This is the way it’s looked ever since I got back from Vermont–frozen solid, a block of ice:


Columbus, Georgia, has had 11 consecutive days where the low was below freezing and the high has not exceeded 47 degrees.

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14 thoughts on “frozen

  1. Strange days, indeed. You’ll use all this in your writing, though.

    I’m well acquainted with the sense I’m flailing in all directions. It’s frustrating. But of course, I have to urge you to write about taking apart a story because I suggested it. 🙂


  2. I very much relate to that flailing feeling as well, and the end result of accomplishing nothing. So hard to slow down and take one thing at a time…sometimes, like today, my body forces me into a slow-down by getting sick, but I’m working on doing it of my own volition so that I won’t be forced to. 😛


    • Emily, your comment was right on point. I noticed a sore throat as the day progressed. I need to remember if I don’t do it myself, my body will.

      I miss the time to hang out with your smart reviews. I’ll be back soon!


  3. I perpetually suffer from recurring OverOptionitis.

    Wow that’s an amazing picture. Whenever it hits below 60 here in SoCal I cry. There’s a reason why I’m a NYC deserter.


    • Sarah, thanks for pointing out that line. All by itself, it sounds so positive, and I had been experiencing that feeling as negative. I was too close to everything. I feel much better today.


  4. Bird by Bird, says Anne Lamott! (though now after what you said today I’m not so sure!)

    Also, last year in DC the high did not get above freezing for the entire month of January. I feel your pain, but really only sort of, because now I like to pretend that I am a northerner and don’t get cold.

    I’d vote for the post on how to read like a writer. Though that might require more than one post . . .


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