filled up & emptied out

I lie down and get back up only minutes later. I close my eyes and then open them. I’m filled up and emptied out at the same time. Exhausted and yet energized.

I’m on my way home from Vermont College of Fine Arts after 8 days of a residency full of lectures on the wonder of the sentence and the state of the story. Readings of poems, stories, and creative nonfiction. New faces and new words. And more books and ideas and craft than I had when I arrived.

It was a winter wonder land.

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13 thoughts on “filled up & emptied out

  1. Sounds fun! I believe I told you about Stacy Nyikos, who’s in your program and part of my Book Review Club. She started last summer, I think. I met yet another student, Anna Boll, who actually lives in my town in Maine. Anyway, look out for them as I think you’d like them. What a small world!


  2. Annie, Robert Vivian gave this lecture. It was not what I was expecting, but it was wonder-full–all about sound and place and training the ear to listen for what is not quite there.


  3. I think I have the post-residency blues, a weird funk that besets me upon re-entry. All I wanted to do today was rest, but I felt restless. I wrote a blog post this afternoon that contained this line: “I cannot tell if I am full or empty.” Hearing that it’s not just me makes me feel better somehow.

    (I’m so glad to have met you!)


  4. Hi, Jenna-

    Nice to have met you and to see you here. It’s interesting that we both had the same weirdly contradictory sensation of wanting to rest and being restless.

    Today, however, I only want to be caught up. I’m scurrying around unpacking and folding laundry, de-piling the piles, answering comments and emails, making order out of disorder. Not that I can be finished, but I want to feel as if I have the space to move forward tomorrow.

    Thanks for your comment!


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