it is all just shopping

Wanted to share this quote with you from Anne Enright‘s The Gathering:

“I love this undertaker.  He has that thing that young people got, sometime after I grew up.  He does not pretend.  He does not judge.  He talks about the caskets in a ‘whatever’ sort of way, like it is all just shopping–the real questions are elsewhere.”

What a lovely, original, and novelistic dichotomy Enright allows to emerge from the personality of this character.

And another reminder to ground myself in what’s important as I scurry around for those last few gifts.


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8 thoughts on “it is all just shopping

  1. Thank you for the reminder of how perfect Enright’s observations are – I too loved The Gathering and your post is well-timed as I draw up my winter reading list. Or, in this case, my rereading list.


    • Julie, nice to see you here again! I’m always tilting my head at odd angles to see what other people are reading, but I hardly ever plan beyond the next book. I’d love to know what’s on your reading/rereading list for this winter.


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