winter spring summer fall

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I've been on a musical kick lately...and here on the eve of another change,

I think of Carole King's words, which I first heard in 1970,

and which I think of often, as they reflect the changing and wondrous views outside my window,

for which I'm thankful as I sit inside with the light on.

6 thoughts on “winter spring summer fall

  1. There was a time, many seasons ago, that that I listened to Tapestry every day. I loved that album cover too, and took up needlework because of it. Oh, what memories! Thank you, for the song and photos.

    I can’t believe another year is almost over!


    • Linda-oh me too! I listened to it every day, every hour…I now have the album cover framed on a wall along with Jackson Browne’s The Pretender, James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James, and Neal Young’s After the Gold Rush.


  2. Just like Linda, many seasons ago, I listened to Tapestry every day. But I did not take up needlework. I did get a perm though and styled my hair just like Carole Kings. It was not a good look for me. 🙂


  3. I love this series! Just right for the song. I grew up listening to that song too.

    You are lucky to have such a pleasant view outside your window. I’m looking out mine to welcoming blue sky over pine trees and still, bare trees (ie no wind.) The morning frost has almost melted.


    • Thank you, Sarah. Yes, my view is not Maine, or water, but the trees are amazing–the bark, the limbs, the leaves of all colors and textures and watching the weather affect them. At the moment, all is still here too.


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