writing retreat

My writing group is meeting in the Napa Valley this weekend to write.

Usually we meet to read and critique each other’s work.

On our breaks we take the waters or a mud bath or a culinary excursion to Mustard’s, Greystone, or Ad Hoc.

I am encouraged by the little frog outside who stops croaking if I open my door and from the shapes and colors inside and out.

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6 thoughts on “writing retreat

  1. Oh, those frogs!
    They keep you sane, or not . . .
    You remember my story of the eight-legged toad, I’m sure. It croaked and croaked and stopped and stopped, and it took me forever to find it.

    This fall, I found another frog on the front porch, hunkered down in between two deck chairs that had been stowed for the winter. It was below freezing outside and there hadn’t been a drop of moisture for months. But he was there; my talisman. I hope he’s still alive when we go back to the cabin for Thanksgiving.

    In the meantime, I’m so glad to hear you guys are having an inspiring time! Patricia and Katherine and I (and our spouses) are having buffalo burgers at my house this eve, then are going to hear good music by The Starlings tonight–so we have our own little Pamfa thing goin’ on . . .

    Just so ya know. But, we miss you!

    Happy writing!


    • Owlandsparrow, this retreat did turn out to be a good idea. I think it was about time we elevated writing to the reason for a trip. And it felt good to know, after a meal, that we were each going back to our cabin to write.


  2. You are only an hour away. Next time let us know and Lizzie and I can meet up for lunch or something. Napa is almost as good as Positano and just as inspiring. Have fun.


    • Darn, Melissa! I forgot about you and Lizzie being so close. Thanks for the reminder. Next time for sure. And yes, there’s nothing like vineyards and the smell of fermenting wine for a little inspiration.


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