I give



I wanted to do a post today. Usually I post much earlier. This is my fourth try.




Each time--writing about a book, about my writing process (ok, obsessed), and even about a single picture I had taken on Tuesday--I was not happy with what I was doing.




I kept wanting to include not one but three pictures. Just a minute ago, I interrupted my last attempt to post so I could accompany my 16-year-old to the door. He was leaving for a late basketball practice.




As I shut the door, I saw the last light of day caught in this dogwood tree. And I thought, I give, as I went in search of my camera.


14 thoughts on “I give

  1. You are very lucky you have red tomatoes! Ours just wouldn’t change this year except for a handful of cherries. They ended up freezing a few weeks back, green and solid before we even got them off the vine.


  2. My thought when I saw the first photo? Summer’s last stand! There’s something brave and defiant about those tomatoes lined up against the backdrop of the turning leaves.


  3. Gorgeous images! You totally capture those fleeting moments in time and how life interrupts art. What I like about blogging and blog visiting is that it can be done in snippets of found time. Novel writing demands bigger chunks of time. I hope you find some soon.


  4. Linda, I know what you mean–summer not wanting to let go. It made me think of that second that summer hands off to fall or maybe the one moment they coexist.

    And all I thought about when I went to get my camera was the color.


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