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In 1985 Russell Banks wrote “Sarah Cole:  A Type of Love Story.”  It was first published in The Missouri Review, then in The Best img_1443American Short Stories 1985, then in The Angel on the Roof.  You can also listen to it on a podcast.

The first sentence:  “To begin, then, here is a scene in which I am the man and my friend Sarah Cole is the woman.”

img_1444One of the interesting things about this story is the point of view.  Which switches between first person and third person.

The narrator writes, “I’m telling it this way because what I have to tell you now confuses me, embarrasses me, and makes me sad…”

The story is divided into eight sections with the point of view as follows :

I-1st to 3rd

II-1st to 3rd to 1st

III-3rd to 1st to 3rdimg_1446

IV-1st to 3rd



VII-3rd to 1st


23 pages.  Way cool.

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