elsewhere: 295/365

provincetown, october

It was a day full of family stuff, and my mind is elsewhere. But I did try yoga again with a new instructor, and I enjoyed every minute of it. ~  365 true things about me why this daily practice

the next writer in the series: november 1, 2015


I have been looking into schedules. Even when we read physics, we inquire of each least particle, What then shall I do this morning? How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. What we do with … Continue reading

writing x writers: 282/365


Back in California at Tomales Bay for a Writing by Writers workshop–along with three friends I’ve made at this blog–Elizabeth G. Marro, Anne C., and DL Craig–such fun to see each other! We have another outstanding cast of workshop faculty–Dorothy Allison, Steve … Continue reading