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writing: writer blogs

  • A Design So VastOne woman’s journey to right here. Lindsey Mead’s writes about her struggles to be as present as she can in her life and with her two children.
  • Between
  • Daily ShortyClaire Guyton drafted a short story everyday for a year!
  • Darrelyn Saloom
  • Draft No. 4: Richard Gilbert’s blog on writing and reading is in its sixth year. Originally called Narrative, he renamed it in honor of his memoir’s transforming draft–Shepherd was published in May. “This blog, its urgency, steady fervor and insight into the art has earned you readers.”—DeWitt Henry.
  • From Saudi With Love: Helena shares herself and her sense of the people and land of Saudi Arabia.
  • LASUZASusana makes things: stories, theatre, pictures, collages, meals and sounds. Her posts are à la française and petite. Delightful.
  • Christina Rosalie
  • paris (im)perfect
  • Poetic Aperture
  • Stone’s Throw: The blog of fiction writer Jodi Paloni.
  • Sarah Laurence BlogSarah is an artist and a book junkie who grew up in NYC and now lives in Maine. She’s also a writer of YA fiction. Visit her wonderful blog to enjoy her writing and for hits of New England life–photos, watercolors, book reviews, and more.
  • Sarah Seltzer: Ramblings on writing, reading, radical feminism, & randomness. Sarah quotes Colette:”Writing only leads to more writing.” And reading Sarah’s blog will lead to more of everything.
  • Sub RosaSigrun’s peaceful and contemplative blog blending art and writing. The Latin phrase sub rosa literally means “under the rose”, the phrase denote secrecy and confidentiality. For her this title captures an inner conflict; her private thoughts and writings, following her day-to-day reading almost as in a diary, is by her blog made public. 
  • The Word CellarJenna McGuiggan is a writer, editor, storyteller, coach, and teacher. And on her blog you can sample a bit of all her skills. She writes with heart about what she believes in.
  • thematically ficklethe blog of aaryn belfer, a freelance writer and photographer, who has opinions on just about everything. 
  • Whimetalogue
  • woodbird
  • Writer Side UP!

reading: book blogs

life: appreciation of life blogs

and everybody needs a little poetry

and a little art

and a little fun

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  1. Thanks for including me, Cynthia. I just visited your website and it is so lovely! I’ll be back to browse when I have some time to give your words the focus they deserve. Blessings to you:)

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