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DRAFT NO. 4Richard Gilbert’s blog on writing and reading is in its sixth year. Originally called Narrative, he renamed it in honor of his memoir’s transforming draft–Shepherd was published in May. “This blog, its urgency, steady fervor and insight into the art has earned you readers.”—DeWitt Henry

*I am constantly adding new blogs, and as I feature a blog, I will add a short description of it. So click here often : )

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And Everybody Needs a Little Poetry

And a Little Art

Multi-Author Blogs

  • Contrary’s Bloghas a mind of its own. It’s an independent being, engaging with the wide scope of ideas under the broad umbrella of arts and lettersBe contrary…
  • Beyond the Margins: offers essays on the craft of writing and the business of publishing. Interviews with authors, editors and agents. Many of its contributors have taught at Grub Street.

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For Fun

  • Freshly PressedA checker board sampling of the best posts at
  • Little Shavings from My Ration of LightAm delighted to discover Victoria’s blog with its Tuesday Trifles and its 482 Reasons Why She Needs a Trust Fund. Check it out and you will be delighted too.

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  1. Thanks for including me, Cynthia. I just visited your website and it is so lovely! I’ll be back to browse when I have some time to give your words the focus they deserve. Blessings to you:)

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