the scraps: 262/365


Slate Magazine has a series I recommend called the Slate Book Review author-editor conversation. I particularly enjoyed the conversations between Meg Wolitzer and Sarah McGrath and between Claire Messud and Robin Desser. The most recent installment features Joshua Ferris and Reagan Arthur. In the conversation … Continue reading

jumping: 260/365


Today I did something I’ve wanted to do since I first started staying here a year and a half ago–jump off the end of the deck. Wooha! ~  365 true things about me why this daily practice

too long: 254/365


I guess you can tell from my recent posts that I haven’t been doing much contemplating lately–nor much writing. Lots of living, though–waiting for babies to get born, rocking babies, organizing pantries, picking munchkins up from school, birthday parties, walking, … Continue reading